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The Friendly Society Act 1966

The requirements for forming a Friendly Society are:

1. The minimum number of persons required to obtain registration under the Friendly Societies Act is twenty-one (21). The Group should elect a Steering Committee from its members.

2. The Steering Committee should be an odd number of persons (e.g. five (5), seven (7) or nine (9), etc. Thereafter the following documents should be submitted to this Department.

  • Three (3) error-free copies of proposed Rules. Model Rules available ($2,500 – CD, hard copy - $3, 000)

  • Application Form duly completed along with the prescribed processing fees of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00).

  • Registration Agreement duly completed and signed by the relevant officers.

  • Summary of intent of Group’s major focus and/or project proposal if available.

  • Statement of Affairs (including Income and Expenditure Statement and declaration of Assets and Liabilities.

  • Written proof of proposed location for registered office(e.g. lease or rent agreement)

3.  In addition, the Steering Committee should avail itself for training in the Management of its Society at a cost of Nine Hundred Dollars($900.00) per hour. At the end of the prescribed training, an evaluation will be undertaken to determine the group’s knowledge on the Management of its Society and areas of the Friendly Societies Act of 1966.


The Friendly Societies

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