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Dear Mr. Co-opman:

My mother died last year and left her shares in a Credit Union for me.  However, when I went to the management, I was told that I could not get the money because my name was not on the Nomination Card.  What must I do to get my inheritance?

Dear Ms. Williams

This is unfortunate, but only person whose name is on the Nomination Card can have direct claim to the shares.  If no other person was nominated you would have to approach the Administrator-General, to whom the shares of your mother would be transferred, for any possibility of receiving any inheritance.

Dear Mr. Co-opman:

I am a member of a Coffee Co-operative, where I am having problem with the manager.  I have marketed six boxes of coffee through the Co-operative, but I received payment equivalent to five boxes.  When I spoke to him about the situation, he reacted angrily to me.  Please help me.

Dear Mr. Carl Johnson

The method used in Co-operatives for computing the amount to be paid per box of coffee is different from regulators and, therefore all members should make an effort to understand.

I do not have the facts, but my guess is that some costing for service received had to be deducted from your payment which reduced the total amount you should be paid.  An example of service could be spraying of your farm for Berry Borer.  Discuss the matter amicably with your Director or group Secretary.

Still in the dark? ASK MR. CO-OPMAN

registrar of D.C.F.S

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