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Members in Friendly Society

Members are the major decision maker

They finance their Society by paying subscriptions, dues and fines. Societies may sometimes receive Grants from Government or other sources to assist the financing of their projects.


Members control their Societies

Supreme authority is vested in the members in General Meetings. Through these meetings members elect a Committee of Management and make other key decisions pertinent to the well-being of the Society. The members have the power to change the Committee of Management if they are not performing their duties in the best interest of the Society.

The management and direction of the Society is entrusted to the Committee of Management for a stated period agreed on by members. The Committee may employ a Manager who supervises the day-to-day operations of the Society.


Members support their Societies

For example, members should give active support and participation to any project being implemented by the Society; as they would not only be expected to attend a fish fry but also assist with the preparations for the fish fry.

In summing up, it can be said that Friendly Societies helps members to help themselves. They operate to provide service for members, and are also a source of education to their members in teaching them how to run their affairs.
These Societies aim to promote social progress for their members and to help them to better their economic and social well-being, and to enhance national development.

Power and Duties of Members

The Supreme Authority of the Society is held by members in General Meetings.

  • They elect members to the Committee of Management

  • They amend the Rules of the Society.

  • They expel members.

  • They require the Committee to report to them in General Meeting.

  • They have the power to call General Meeting if the Committee fails to do so.

  • They have the power to petition the Registrar to carry out investigation.

  • They decide on voluntary dissolution.


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